Paris in 3D


I would like to come to this forum to ask you a question about Open Street Map and the data in 3D.
I am totally new to cartography. I personally create 2D / 3D digital backgrounds and I would like to be able to use Open Street Map to create some images.

In my idea, I would like to recover the OSM data to extrude the building of Paris in 3D volume.

After several hours of research I stumble on the different solutions proposed.

I chose this method: Go to OSM and export a rectangle of data that corresponds to the whole city of Paris. The OSM file is 1.5 go.
I use OSM2World Viewer to import it then export it to OBJ which I then import into my 3D software.
For now, OSM2World does not want to import it, it crashes. The app looks a bit obsolete (latest version in 2012) and not very stable.

So I block, I do not see how to do.

Could you enlighten me on the subject? Are there other methods more simple to have Paris in 3D if possible the most detailed possible?
Has anyone ever made this kind of export to Paris?

Thank you very much !

What about reading / re-asking in this special sub forum here?

Hello Benjamin,

I didn’t see your question at first, so please excuse the late reply.

While the last numbered version is from 2012, there has been a lot of development since then. This is probably not communicated very well, sorry about that. Anyway, please use the latest version of OSM2World instead of the numbered release.

The main challenge with your intended use case, though, is that the file is too big for rendering it in a single pass. This means you have to split it with some other tool into smaller parts beforehand. One such tool is mapsplit, which I mentioned in a recent question on OSM Help, but others exist.

Thank you!

I will try that.

nice to pic!