"Parallel distribution" in the incompatibility between CC BY and ODbL

In the incompatibilities between CC BY and ODbL licenses article, there is a term I would like to understand clearly, and I appreciate if you give me examples. It says something about “Parallel distribution”, however it is not clear for me, and I would like to understand it better to translated correctly into Spanish.

Parallel distribution means distributing the product in one way, and the data in another.

Imagine you invent a new type of gps receiver. You sell OSM-based maps for it, and use DRM to lock the map downloads to individual devices. The map format is proprietary, and no one else can create maps for the devices. In parallel, you run a download server where the raw osm data can be downloaded.

IANAL, but I think it means that you are allowed distribute OSM data with DRM, but you must also make the data available without DRM. i.e. you can distribute with DRM, if you also, in parallel, distribute w/o DRM

AFAIK, CC licences don’t allow distribution with DRM, even if you also offer it in parallel.