Paid Grab mappers

So, this week, a number of contract mappers, working for Grab, began to map the voids across KL and the Klang Valley; remotely from their office.

Local mappers take note: if you have time, please check whether their edits do make sense (or otherwise) - check History.

If there is something wrong somewhere, simply discuss their changeset by leaving a comment; or directly approach them through private message.

Just in case; if there is no reply, or validation (confirmation and cleanups) process has not been made - please, do link their changesets over here.

Do they add some special “tag” which helps us identify their work?
E.g. like the Facebook group working on Thailand: they add “import=yes” to the roads they create.

Afraid it’s not the case. The only clue is looking through their changeset comments.

I can feel a big pain coming… :roll_eyes:

How come they run this without any input from local mappers? If everything goes well then it would be super, but that is rather unusual with this kind of work.

Previously, from Jakarta

Yup, found an area. Every terrace house is connected in at least one corner to each other, and to the street. Apparently, they haven’t discovered ‘s’ for squaring building outlines. From my limited observation, they are focusing on tracing buildings/houses as an initiation to osm. Almost 1.5 hours cleaning up a square kilometer area. Whew!.. :slight_smile:

It would be nice if they are going to let the local community know what their plans are, beforehand.

I’ve contacted one of their team, and was provided this link.

Their goals might be probably mapping roads because:

Sounds like they are also going to do imagery alignment.

This may not related, but I think they may be will update the new flyover at Batu Maung, Penang. But the imagery is outdated…

Lots of area=yes, landuse=residential being used to tag building = house/terrace/apartments. And connected landuse to highways and stuff.

And I believe the worse decision they could make is to align imagery to their proprietary gps tracks. That would mess a lot of highways. IMO, this should be the last thing taught to beginner mappers. Our initial goal should be to have nice complete layout (geometrically) of features where the spacing between them is proportionally correct as per satellite imagery and not trying to get a map precise enough for automated car navigation. Not yet anyways. Step by step baby…

They cannot update that, no Grab cars have already passed through it.

By the way… caught a bad edit, which could be really dangerous. The abandoned stretch of Federal Route 29 has been made routable to a dead end.

Also, for those with Github accounts, try to leave a comment in this issue.

I’d suggest to read the “I’ve seen a problem; what should I do?” section of .

If there’s a problem, the sooner it’s reported and dealt with the easiest it will be to fix any issues.

  • Andy (from the Data Working Group)

Posted at there and they already replied.

Now they’re moving on to:

  • Johor Bahru

  • Penang

  • Kuching

  • Kota Kinabalu

Local mappers, let them know your feedback!


Last time their reply to me for JB is no. But this time yes, feel free to see the UTM and some new townships road which is not complete in OSM. (e.g. Skudai Tebrau and Seri Alam, Iskandar Puteri seems good). For Penang I would encourage them do for the north coast and SPU, I had tagged unmapped area around SPU but didnt have time to complete it.

FYI, those grab team had update several areas based on my observation

  • Penang-Balik Pulau, Air Itam, Batu Ferringhi, Tg Bungah, Sg Ara, Kuala Muda, Teluk Air Tawar, Bukit Mertajam, Batu Kawan and Valdor (Could see many kampung road appear at the maps)
  • Johor-Taman Universiti, Mutiara Rini, UTM, Kangkar Pulai, Johor Bahru City Centre, Mount Austin, some other part of Skudai, Larkin, Bandar Dato Onn
  • Kuching-Near KIA and Batu Kawa
  • KK-City Centre, Tanjung Aru, Menggatal
    Please see if there are any mistake, I just found a mistake at Bukit Mertajam that oneway for right hand side road ( :open_mouth: