Pacific Crest Trail - what tags?

Hi all,
I’m quite new to OpenStreetMap but I have a lot of hiking data to contribute. I’m not quite sure of the correct set of tags and since I don’t want to go back over the data twice I thought I’d get it right from the outset. Which tags should I use for the Pacific Crest Trail? The mountain paths part. There are a few miles of road/jeep trail but most of it is a footpath where horses/donkeys/llamas are allowed but wheels of any type are not.

According to this page I can tag it is a highway=footway or highway=path, which one is preferred for the US? And are there other tags needed to make it complete.



I was doing a lot of trail mapping in the spring time, mostly of trails I hiked and traced myself. When I basically asked the same questions earlier this year, people pointed out to me some of the extensive mapping that was already done in certain parts of CA. The Mountainview area was pointed out as a good example, and then I found some things near Yosemite that looked good.

But unless someone else chimes in, it is hard to comment on any sort of consensus in the US. Personally, I like the red dotted trails of the footway over the black dashes. In Europe, however, those footways are for urban pedestrian areas, that may be easily traversed with a wheelchair perhaps. If a trail can handle an ATV or something larger (double track), I go to the dash. But as was told to me, don’t worry too much about the tagging. The most important part is to upload traces and then edit them onto the map. Retagging can be easily done later.

As you progress, you can also get into routing so that all your PCT segments are connected.

are you also interested in getting the OSM maps onto your GPSr and then seeing your own edits on your device?

My device doesn’t have any sort of screen, just a red light and blue light. This way it saves power and can be used with a solar panel on my pack for months of trekking.

What do you mean by “routing”? Is that the same as making a “relation”? I’ve started one of those and will keep adding the ways as I upload and convert the GPXes.

Yeah, I meant “relations” , not “routing”. I see that you’ve been busy. The PCT is now the longest related trail in the USA. Well done Uberhiker:

looks great on the map. Did you hike all that? Wow.