Own tileserver -> renderd can not be started

Hi there,

I followed the tutorial to setup an own tileserver on Ubuntu 12.04 and ran into this error:

I started with a really fresh webserver and created another sudo user as root. So I installed most of the stuff as the sudo user. In the beginning, I followed the “build from packages” tutorial: http://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/building-a-tile-server-from-packages/

But after some time I realized that its quite incomplete, so I switched to the “manual” tutorial: http://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/manually-building-a-tile-server-12-04/

So, maybe I forgot some step or the user I am currently trying to start renderd with is not allowed to initialize the socket. I cant tell, because the totorials dont tell the reader about permissions for user or www-data user. In the end i’d like to have it deliver styled tiles via one of the domains which are located at the server.

Can anyone get me into the richt direction?

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It probably means that the directory /var/run/renderd does not exists. In that case you must create it. Other reason could be that user you start renderd with does not have rights to write to that directory, but I guess it’s not your case if you start everything as root.

Thank you for your input. The directory exists, so i tried it with sudo - and it works. But I cant get the tiles into the browser, as the auto configured vhost is wrong. No idea how to get the tile in i.e. a subdomain of an existing website.

Hmm I am no expert on this, but aren’t tiles available on subdomain with “default” setup? On my installation I access them from address like: http://my_server_name/osm_tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}.png. Also to check if mod_tile is working fine you can try to access http://my_server_name/mod_tile.
There are actually plenty points of failure. After starting renderd I had errors like:

so I had to comment out those problematic lines in the renderd.conf.
Do you get any logs from renderd/apache when trying to access any tile?