Overture Maps first dataset release

And just for your notes when you are dealing with them the next time: Development Seed that built their business off of OSM, are now an Overture member (and notably -not- of the OSMF).


Overture published a “beta” dataset in April:



Some interesting discussion on the Places dataset in their Github: Import OpenStreetMap places · Issue #96 · OvertureMaps/data · GitHub

Most users of Places data combine data from various sources to get to the coverage they want. We anticipate that users will combine Overture Places data with other sources, including commercially licensed data until a time when the open data is sufficient on its own. The CDLA license allows them to do that.

I guess there’s still no corporate editing of POIs in OSM

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Just on that point - there is (and has been since basically forever) widespread corporate editing of POIs on OSM - in the vast majority of cases to the benefit of both OSM and the corporate editors.