[Overpass Turbo] When using "center", each way = two nodes ?


I noticed something a bit annoying when using “out center;” to turn ways into nodes: Each (most?) way-turned-node actually has two nodes on top of each other: One with the name of street, the other named something like “Waypoint #123”. As a result, when I need to delete a node after I checked it, I actually have to delete two of them.

Is there a work-around?


//Use www.openstreetmap.org to fetch relation # for town
rel(123456);map_to_area -> .searchArea;


out center;

Thank you.

Really no idea what you mean. It would be good to have some concrete example with actual way ids,etc.
rel(123456) refers to a deleted relation, so that’s not much of a help.

out center for highways is probably not that useful anyway, as it returns the center of a bounding box, rather than a centroid.