overpass (turbo) to POI-file

Is it possile to create a POI file (garmin or other) from an overpass query?

I know there are sites where you can create them like this one but I would like to make them from nodes of my own choice. e.g. A poi file of all benches in a certain area? Any ideas?

Please have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin#Creating_your_own_maps_from_OSM_data

I have never tried one of these because I don’t have a Garmin device, but it is very likely that they can convert OSM XML.

Thanks Roland

I’ve succesfully downloaded a .osm file with overpass-turbo. After that I have created a Garmin . gpi file using GPSBabel. I’ve manged to display benches on my Garmin device. I had to download a .bmp file (displaying a bench) and tell GPSBabel to use this. It is not exactly what I hoped for but I’ll have to dig into this a little more. Looks pretty good so far.

Cheers PeeWee32

So far the procedure works fine for nodes. for example… all tourism=camp_sites (tagged as nodes) can be searched on my Garmin device. I can even have GPSBabel make the “name” tag visible in my searchable POI list.

There are also camp sites that are mapped as ways (area). If I want to make a POI of these I see an item for every single node in this way. The name tag can not be displayed because that is a tag of the way and not of the seperate nodes. It would be nice if POI info of ways could be converted to one singel node (center point is calculated) and also include the name of the way. Does anybody know is this is possible?

I read that OSMconvert should be able to do this. When I try this, using an .osm file that I’ve downloaded with overpass-turbo, I get a message saying “warning: wrong sequence at way xxxxxxx”

Anybody know how to solve this?


osmconvert expects the OSM objects in input file(s) to be already sorted by type (node, way, relation) then by ID. It seems that your data source does not provide the data in the usual sorted manner.

Please try another source, e.g. download.geofabrik.de, or try to do the “all-to-point” via API. However, I am not sure if API currently supports this function…

Did you find a good answer for this? I’m needing the same, to display POI data in leafletjs – which works fine for nodes, but not for ways. OSMconvert seems to be an executable, but I can only run javascript or access web APIs.

I’ve added a feature request at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Overpass_turbo#Feature_Requests as it seems like this ought to be a standard feature.

(apologies if I’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick here, but) osmconvert does support an “–all-to-nodes” parameter:


is that what you want?

The post you’re referring to is outdated and no longer relevant. Nowadays you can use either out geom; or out center; on ways.