overpass turbo: Filter out / exclude a list of IDs

Hello forum,

I’m trying to learn Overpass QL. Is there a way to filter out or exclude a list of (node/way/relation) IDs?

Example: Using this query I would like to filter out node 3237520608 and way 196325862.

To explain what I’m trying to do: I would like to create a list of all quarries (landuse=quarry) in a specific area. Different people then will visit each quarry during a longer period of time. To keep an overview of (a.) which quarries have been visited and (b.) still need to be visited, I would like to maintain a list of all visited quarries and filter them out upon next query.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I think uMap will be a better tool for that. Try it out:
or https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/de/
You can export those points to uMap and then edit.

uMap looks really promising! Thank you for this hint!!!

There is just one question with uMap:
While the overpass-turbo generated maps show nodes, ways and relations with a marker icon (circles in different colors), uMap only displays a marker icon for nodes (but not for ways and relations). Is there a way to customize this behavior? Otherwise it’s hard to find the objects I’m interested in.

In the meantime I found an open issue at GitHub. Another users mentions a workaround there, but it doesn’t work for me, as it makes the data browser unusable.

I think there is a way to solve it in overpass turbo: it should display a centroid of an area as point. Try this out:

out center qt;

This is the workaround what the user in the GitHub issue suggests. With

out center qt;

I only get the centroid and the element itself is not shown.


out center qt;
out geom qt;

I get the centroid and the element, but then the list in “browse data” will have duplicate entries (one for the centroid and one for the element itself). This makes it unusable, as I want others to navigate by using the list in “browse data” and add remarks to an entry.

So what do you need? I thought you wanted ways as nodes.

I realized that the elements I’m interested in (quarries) are already shown in the background map. Therefore I only needed to export the center points as data and import it to uMap. The result is what I need: The element by itself is shown in the background map and the elements I’m interested in (quarries) are shown with a marker. In the uMap I’m able to delete the elements I’m not interested in.

Thanks a lot, maro21!