OVerpass question

I can query a VALUE that starts with a certain string like traffic signs that begin with “DE” (Germany)

[traffic_sign~‘^DE’]. This will return all German traffic_signs ( like DE:237 DE:240 etc.)

Can I also do something similar with the KEY?

Like any KEY that start with “traffic_sign” (e.g. traffic_sign, traffic_sign:2, traffic_sign:forward, traffic_sign:backward)


At least not yet.

The feature has been asked for multiple times, but it requires a different database layout than the current.
The new database layout is implemented and I’m currently processing historic data to fill this database.
It is likely that the feature to search for a key will get available at latest at March.

Sorry for my late response but that is really good news. Let us know once it’s availabe.


Yesterday , I asked the same question somewhere else. local forum.

Hope it is ready, where…

BTW: Here’s the relevant GitHub issue: https://github.com/drolbr/Overpass-API/issues/59

Just in case someone finds this thread and thinks this is still impossible.

This type of query is now possible.

More informatioe. See this section:

node[~"^addr:.*$"~"^Foo$"];    /* finds addr:* tags with value exactly "Foo" */
node[~"^addr:.*$"~"^Foo"];     /* finds addr:* tags with value starting with "Foo" */
node[~"^addr:.*$"~"Foo$"];     /* finds addr:* tags with value ending with "Foo" */
node[~"^addr:.*$"~"Foo"];      /* finds addr:* tags with value containing the substring "Foo" */
node[~"^addr:.*$"~"."];        /* finds addr:* tags with any value */