Overpass question: get list of street names of previous search

I‘m searching two certain house numbers close to each other (under 10 m). The code below seems to do the job. But now I want to generate the list of street names of house numbers I found in the search. Can someone help?


( nwr["addr:housenumber"="20"]({{bbox}});




( nwr.houseA(around.houseB:10);

)->. neighbour;

( .neighbour; );

out geom;

Link: https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/1nH6

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I think, that you need to change output for your query to csv.
instead: [out:json];
use this:

[out:csv(::id, ::type, ::lat, ::lon, "addr:postcode", "addr:city", "addr:street", "addr:housenumber";true;";")];

Link to new query: https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/1nHi


There is also other way to get that street names. After run your query you can copy JSON result to clipboard (You can see them under Data button on the top right corner in Overpass). Than use any JSON to CSV converter i.e. https://konklone.io/json/ to convert data to simple list.


Exactly what I looked for! Thank you!