[Overpass] Query multiple node ids at once

Goal: Given a list of node ids, return a list of objects, one for each node id, that contain its coordinates.

Context: With Overpass I can submit, for example, the following query:

out body;

This returns to me an object with a component, “elements” that contains a list of length 1. The first object holds some metadata that I want that pertains to that node:

  "type": "node",
  "id": 69292918,
  "lat": 33.7371510,
  "lon": -84.3681960

What I am trying to figure out is how to supply a list of node ids such that I can receive a list of node id metadata in response.

For example, I imagine it might look something like this:

out body;

Bonus points: If someone can help me identify a way to query for all nodes in a bounding box that are only within ways (regardless of whether deprecated/unused or used), that would be awesome.

That would be sort of like this query:

out body;

But would limit to only nodes that are part of streets.

Example of a node that is part of a street:

Example of a node that is not part of a street:

Did you already take a look at the documentation?


Thank you. While I had read through that page, I failed to see this note:

That helps a great deal.