Overpass Query GUI

Hi yall. I’m back with another scintillating forum thread - This time to show off my latest project:

:zap:Overpass Query Builder!:zap:

THIS IS A PROOF OF CONCEPT that I put together to demonstrate what I’m imagining. Right now it does only the most basic of operations. Please take a look and tell me what you think! Potion seller, I want only your strongest constructive criticism potions!!

You can add new features (check box and square emojis), and drag them around to nest them in various ways.


More details bla bla bla

The Overpass query language is very complex, which is great for advanced operations, but it can be a little daunting for new users.

Inspired by sites like Regexr, I thought it’d be a fun learning experience to try my hand at something similar but for Overpass. It’s been really challenging, both regarding JS and Overpass QL. Feel free to check out the source code, if you dare. I’m definitely a beginner at JS!


I love this concept! Drop-down menus will make Overpass so much more accessible to people who don’t have time to figure out the whole query language, and I think that Overpass lends itself very well to this type of GUI. So keep up the good work!

Looks Good…

'Search within ’ could have cascading drop down menu for major countries-> states (or divisions, counties etc)->cities. (Similar to OSM Boundaries).

‘And’ at the moment appears to auto build a blank query & doesn’t allow editing.

A ‘Run’ or ‘Paste to Turbo’ button?

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