Overpass Query fall all "Possible tagging mistakes" from wiki

Hello OSM advocates,

is there a way to generate a overpass query with all possible tagging mistakes mentioned in the wiki? I would like to check the area I am mainly mapping for such errors, so that I can survey them. I started to write my own query, but it is rather cumbersome to extend the query each time I find a possible tagging error I might want to search for…


EDIT: That is my query so far: https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/1ac0

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It’s a good start. Keep adding other tags to this query. There’s no other way.

Hint: instead of three lines with “node”, “way” and “relation” you can write “nwr”.

I know this is an old post, but I like the idea!

On https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/fititnt/diary/402004 I explain a tool used to do data mining on MediaWiki, which is the software used on OpenStreetMap Wiki. But considering what already is possible, this kind of information is not as easily to make general propose across different MediaWikis, but in theory, a data mining on OSM Wiki on a regular basis could get a collection of all the wiki templates for tagging mistakes, and with post processing (this needs custom code), this be used to aid creation of one or more OverpassQL (and maybe command line filtering on .pbf dumps), so what you asked could be archived. In fact, I think it would be one of the features I would try to implement next time I go back to more real uses for data mining the wiki.