Overpass API: How to detect intersection information?

I am relatively new to OpenStreetMap, and I am currently working on a project, for which I need information on properties of intersections at specific GPS coordinates, which includes speed limits (if available), types of traffic calming, intersection type, and similar information. What would be the best API calls to extract this data?

EDIT: Overpass API, not OpenStreetMap API.

This is not what the OSM API is for. You probably want to look at Overpass which provides more structured access to data. Your query is not new, check out: https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/45098/how-can-i-use-osm-api-to-find-the-street-intersection-coordinates-in-android-development

What do you think about renaming OSM API to OSM Editing API? That would be a better description of what it is intended for. The questions “can I do X using OSM API?” pop up regularly. (Probably by analogy to Google Maps API which is the only blessed way to interact with it, in opposition to OSM which provides source data for everyone to utilize, but no structured APIs besides one for editing)

I’m not convinced that renaming it would help. OSM is a fundamentally different animal to Google Maps. If someone did even so much as a simple web search for “OSM API” they’ll get https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/API as the top entry, and that makes it pretty clear what APIs there are and what they are for.

To be fair to the original questioner here, they didn’t say that the wanted to use the OSM editing API at all - they asked “What would be the best API calls to extract this data?”, and the linked help question does give an Overpass example.

Okay, changed my post to refer to Overpass (got the two APIs mixed up).