Overlapping pinpoints on different layers


I’m new here. I’ve created a OSM map that locates my Uni friends. For privacy reasons, in the data I’ve collected from them, I’m only using city “lat/lon” coordinates to locate each person, and not full postal addresses. Data is separated in 3 layers (external CSV files), one for each “University Degree Level”. For each layer, I’m using a specific color/icon for pinpoints.

My problem is when 2 persons from 2 different layers are located in the same city, pinpoints overlap on the final map and there is no way to have them appeared next to each other.

My question is :

  • how to have pinpoints appear next to each other (I don’t mind if the pinpoints are not exactly located at the same “lat/lon” coordinates) ?
  • And if that is not possible, I would be okay to only use 1 layer. But in that case, I’d like to know how to declare specific icon/color pointpoints for each “University degree Level”.

Many thanks.


Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

OSM is just a database. Please tell us which software you use for creating your map.
A while ago I read something about automatic POI-Grouping on dynamic maps when POIs get to close together on lower zoom-levels but never looked into details on how to program such a function.

Hello PHerison,
Thanks for your message. I’m using uMap for creating my maps. Hope it helps.

Looks like umap doesn’t support such feature. You can try https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap#Feedback_and_help to get some more detailed help.