Overlapping info in points and polygons - What to do?

Hello, everyone!

I have searched on the community forum but I couldn’t find any relevant results.

The issue is that, in many cases when editing features in OSM, I see bulding polygons and points with the same data.

Is it safe to “merge” this data, leaving just the polygon to display the general information about the bulding, and the points only in case there is certain information withing the building (for example, a business that does not encompass the entire area in place)?

In this case, by deleting all these points -making sure their information is present in the polygons-, we would have a way less cluttered map without losing any information.

Those are address nodes (and they do not have the same data as the buildings), so it depends on the country. In Italy, we do not add addresses to buildings for example. Since you asked about Poland, I copied and pasted a question I posted in the “OpenStreetMap Polska” Telegram group when I had the same doubt in 2022:

if I find addresses as nodes (it comes from an import) should I merge it with the building? what’s the rule in Poland?


if they belong to a whole building = yes
if unsure or 2 or more addresses at a single building = no