over 200 maps.me untagged tourist attractions


This user created nearly 250 POI, I think all tagged as tourist attraction, most of them having no other tags, some a name not pointing towards tourist attraction.


How to deal with it? I commented changes, but as this is maps.me, I have little hope of a response.

I would remove at least those without further tags? 217 POI. How about the others?


Wait a couple of weeks and if you hear nothing back, remove them all. This is getting completely ridiculous.

Village shops are really attractive for that user…
As Dave suggested, just wait a little, and in case of no reaction, get rid of them all.

Another 421 untagged by user “lekja”. Maps.me makes it way too easy for users to add bad data.


So in Thailand we have 687 untagged “tourist=attraction”. Out of these the two users created 670 of them.

I contacted both. Will re-trigger after a while, but since they have never been active recently, I guess this will result in a simple removal.


Simple removal then?

There are 58 left. I think we have to manually review them. See query above.

Some clearly duplicate existing features. Use common sense whether it is “important” enough to be explicitly tagged as tourist attraction.
If it neither is a destination for tours not dedicated advertised as attraction, simply removing them. Otherwise transfering the tagging to the existing feature.

Details in the wiki: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:tourism%3Dattraction