Outline of a lake

If you try to edit this part of the map:

You can see some “strange” line departing from the “lake”… I made them have have more points to made the outline more exactly. But When I delete the lines - so that I only have left the points on the outline of the lake - I can’t save them!? What am I doing wrom? Or is it a software mistake?


Which editor did you use? I was able to delete one with JOSM and one with Potlatch.

When I delete the lines (like you did it) and click on “Save” there is a red colored message “Nothing to upload”…
But why can you delete them and I can’t?!

EDIT: There is no difference between the live-edit mode and the save-mode…

What is happening exactly?

  • Go to the area
  • Click Edit
  • Click on way (highlights in yellow)
  • Press Shift-Delete (way disappears)
  • Click Save (this is the only step I’ve not tested as I’m not entirely sure I’m selecting the correct ways to delete).

So do all the early steps work as described up until the Save step (as in does the way disappear from the display OK)?

Thank you! :smiley: That was the mistake: I marked one Waypoint (the one which wasn’t on the lake), pressed delete and then enter. Postlatch didn’t show the way anymore - but Postlatch wasn’t able to save this changing.

Now, with Shift-Delete, it worked! But I don’t know yet: What is wrong with my method?

I’m not sure. If I want to delete part of a way I usually cut the way at an appropriate node and then delete the section of the way I want to get rid of with shift-delete. Yesterday by mistake I deleted a node and was surprised when the adjoining way disappeared back to the next node. I clicked Undo as I was actually trying to delete the tags on the node and not the node itself at that point.