Outer area boundary has become line, gives error "Line has no tags"

I’ve made a substantial update tweaking a neighbourhood of my city (260+ edits) and at the end, I’ve found that a residential area’s outer line has somehow separated itself from the area and is now demanding a tag before I can save.

As far as I remember, the outer boundary of areas don’t need tags, they’re specifically for the area. In fact, I’m not even sure they’re supposed to be lines. So why has this popped up? I can’t delete it, it’d get rid of the area, and it’s too big to delete in one swoop. Obviously it’s nothing that exists tangibly so it can’t be tagged as anything, either. I’ve run into this issue a couple of times before, I think, so help would be appreciated

Boundary outline members don’t need tags long as they are in a boundary relation speak type=boundary if composed of more than 1 outline part (some tag this erroneously as multipolygon as seeing one again this morning on a boundary=regional_park yet the relation as type=multipolygon).

If you post a link to your (is/was) boundary problem we can ogle if there’s a reason for your automagic.