[OT] Medyka anybody here? (stolen bike)

Plz. excuse that I’m writing in English, but I don’t speak polish language :confused:

Last year my MTB was stolen here in Rostock (GER), but month later found at the checkpoint Medyka (PL), close to Ukrainian border. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible for Interpol to send it back to me, so I need to find other ways to get it back to Germany.

Thats why I’m asking, if anybody lives in / cose to Medyka? So maybe I could put it on a train or send it via cargo etc. back to home :slight_smile:

I live about 120 kilometers from Medyka. I can pick up your bike, but I don’t know (yet), how it I will send to you. Where do you live?

Hi, I already replied Zbigniew, but unfortunatly didn’t received an answer yet.

So Interpol and my local police are unable to give me more information, but only mention to contact the local police in medyca directly. But I only get offline contacts and didn’t find an proper translation at their website:

Can any native speaker help, to find the right email adresse for bikes or stolen goods?

They may not have an email address at all.
You could try to ask Police over their facebook page.

That could speed up a bit.

I don’t own a facebook account :frowning: