OSRM table approximate the given coordinates

I recently “installed” OSRM and try to call the local server it is running on at the following url:


where data is similar to : 9.55,43.66 ; 9.11,43.99 ; 10.11,43.88 ; 9.22,43.44 (but without spaces)
I get as an answer only zeros except when the souce and destination have different integer coordinates (9 and 10 for longitude here) for which I get the distance/duration between the points as if they were at 9.00,43.00 and 10.00,43.00.
So the local server seems to round the coordinates to the lower integer. Is it a bad implementation of the server from my part ? Has anyone had a similar problem ?
When calling the free OSRM API with the same syntaxe, I get the expected result.

So if anyone has an idea about what’s going on I will welcome it :slight_smile:


Well it works a lt better if you run OSRM with the correct map data (file used to run the app).
So if anyone is wandering, this might be a way to know that the input-coordinates are out of the map.