OSRM Route API rate limit

Hi - I am newbie to this forum. Although I read some existing questions, I couldn’t get a clear explanation. Appreciate your response or redirections to existing questions.

I am planning to use OSRM Route api (http://router.project-osrm.org/route/v1/driving/…) which will be called from Mobile App (in India). I am planning to call this say every once every 3-5 seconds.

Are there any restrictions in making this call ?

In case we need to make payments/donations for this, would like to know that as well.

Thanks in Advance!

The routing service on project-osrm.org is only a demo service meant to showcase the capabilities of the router. It’s usage policy does forbid heavy usage. An app, where every single user calls the service every 3-5 seconds, falls under very heavy usage.

You can run your own OSRM server. The software is open source. There are also various commercial providers, who can provide an API service.