OSRM avoid crossing the street


I’m using the OSRM trip service that works great for me. Only problem I have is that for some of my routes, I need to avoid crossing the street as much as possible, normally try to go on one side of the street and then come back on the other.

Anyone know if I can achieve this by changing the foot.lua profile? If yes, could you point me on the right direction :slight_smile:


(I’m not familiar with OSRM at all but) it might help if you linked to the area that you’re creating routes in - in particular it would be interesting to see how sidewalks are mapped there.

Maybe you can create a route at openstreetmap.org itself and link to that so that people can see the sort of problem that you’re talking about (similar to https://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=fossgis_osrm_foot&route=53.79874%2C-1.54926%3B53.80017%2C-1.54653#map=18/53.79944/-1.54787 )?

There was a thread about a very similar problem on the OSRM mailing list recently: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osrm-talk/2019-December/001823.html . It isn’t something that OSRM handles particularly well.

In the German sub-forum someone introduced a “safe pedestrian routing” engine one and a half years ago. It does what you are asking for I guess, minimizing street crossing and favoring controlled crossings. Unfortunately, that was only a test system for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the project has gone very silent since the initial setup.