OSMtracker: How do I edit the config file ?

Hi there,

I have just installed the OSMtracker on my PDA (FujitsuSiemens Pocket Loox N500, Windows Mobile 5).
According to the installation instrucktions, I have confirmed the creation of data folders.
Then, I wanted to edit the config in order to change the data output and tiles folder location.

And here comes the problem:
When I open the config file by clicking in the File Explorer, it opens in Internet Explorer, which is a readonly application.
Then, I tried by installing an application called MobileNotepad. But this one can not find my config file, even when I specify “All Folders” and “All File Types” in the open dialog.
It seems like everything in “Program Files” is automatically ignored.
And, Windows Mobile 5 seems not to have an “open with …” option in the file browser.

So, how can I edit the config file ?

Thanks in advance,

copy the file to your windows dekstop with Actrivesynch, edit the file and copy it back.

You can change the paths to your storage dirs from within OSMtracker. Is that not working for you?

Barring that, what Nightdive said works too, but is more work.

That is not possible, because I am using Linux on my PC, and I don’t have something like ActiveSync.
My current workaround is to copy the file to the SD-Card, put the card in the cardreader, edit the file, copy it back.
But I am looking for a more direct way.

No, because within OSMtracker, there is no way to specify the tile folder location.
At least version 0.8.1 (I think this is the current one) is missing the […] button for the tile folder I have seen on the screenshots.
Maybe this is a bug ?

Maybe, I haven’t tried 0.8.1 release, as I’m usually on a custom SVN build.

You could try the devel version at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSMtracker/Dev