OSMTracker compass heading not working

Hi everyone,

I am using the Android app OSMTracker on Fairphone 4 to help we during surveys. Recording GPS traces and taking fotos or recording audio works as expected.

The compass heading, however, does not seem to work properly: During track recording the upper left section of the display shows “Warte auf Richtung” which is german and roughly translates to “Waiting for direction/heading”. This does not change for the duration of the recording. The final exported GPX track does not contain any compass heading information as far as I can see. The “Export compass heading” setting is set to “in der Erweiterung” which translates to “in extension”. I also set it to “as comment”, with the same results.

The compass seems to work in other apps like OSMAnd or Google Maps, where it correctly resembles the direction my phone is pointing.

Does any know how to fix this? Or did anyone see anything similar?


I think it is better to report the bug here:

Hi Sandal man,

thank you for the pointer, I opened a new issue on the github repository:


My hope with this forum post was to maybe reach more users and see if anyone else is experiencing this problem.