OSMScout crashes

I’ve got a problem with OSMScout. After starting and choosing a destination the app runs sometimes just normal but often my position freezes for a very long time. It is not the whole App that is crashing/freezing because I can still change my destination and recalculate the route. If I just drive the screen does not refresh and I don’t get new voice advices. I tied resetting my phone and reinstalling the map and app several times but it didnt help. Because of an other problem I got a whole new mobile on warrenty and even with my new one this problem occures.

My phone is a bq Aquaris E 4.5 Ubuntu Edition running Ubuntu 15.04 and OSMScout 0.5.1.

Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem of freezing and crashing?


So you are talking from this app: https://uappexplorer.com/app/osmscout.fransschreuder ?

(We even do not have an article about that app in the OSM wiki :frowning:

I fear that appsm for Ubuntu Touch operating system are still quite seldom, and I am not aware whether anybody reading this forum section has such a device.

Did you try to contact the author of that app?

Yes, I’m talking about it. I didn’t contact the author. I hoped for a fast solvation in this forum. I will publish my question in the official support forum of OSMScout later if I don’t get an answer in here. Has somebody else an idea how to fix it?