OsmoTagger - a new OSM editor for iOS, is now available on the App Store

An iOS editor based on JSOM presets has been released in AppStore.

Please provide feedback at telegram.


Please provide another feedback mechanism than Telegram.


You can write here


Version 1.1 is available on TestFlight.

  • Adapted the interface for iPad and macOS.
  • Simplified the tag editing screen.
  • Minor fixes.

I’m missing an undo button. Right now, I can ‘discard changes’ per object, but I’d like to just press one button to go back.

You can remove cnanges from Changeset screen

The only posts about Telegram I get on social media web sites are clearly from spammers/scammers. As others have said use something else.

JSOM or JOSM or JSON? :zipper_mouth_face:

… but there is absolutey no result when searching for OsmoTagger in the OSM wiki.

@kadi4 … what about an own artice/page in the OSM wili about your editor?