osmosis merge

can someone please tell me or show me the proper syntax for using merge within osmosis?

i have all the docs i need merged in a dir called “sorted”, which contains “map-1-sorted.osm.xml” thru “map-9-sorted.osm.xml”…

i need all the maps 1 thru 9 merged together to form one huge megatron-map…

please don’t refer me to the 3 lines describing the function in the osmosis help, i have seen it. its not helpful.

java -Xmx512M -jar osmosis.jar --rx file=map-1.xml outPipe.0=map1 --rx file=map-2.xml outPipe.0=map2 .... --rx file=map-9.xml outPipe.0=map9 --m inPipe.0=map1 inPipe.1=map2 outPipe.0=merge1 --m inPipe.0=merge1 inPipe.1=map3 outPipe.0=merge2 --m inPipe.0=merge2 inPipe.1=map4 outPipe.0=merge3 ... --m inPipe.0=merge7 inPipe.1=map9 outPipe.0=merge8 --wx inPipe.0=merge8 file=megatron-map.xml

Not complete and not tested, but should work imho. Can also be simplified when proven to be working.

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