OSMnx: new Python package to download and analyze OSM street networks

I wanted to share the Python package I’m developing as part of my dissertation. It lets you easily construct, project, visualize, and analyze complex street networks in Python with networkx. You can get a city’s or neighborhood’s walking, driving, or biking network with a single line of Python code.

There are five key features:

  1. Automatically download administrative place boundaries and shapefiles.
  2. Download and construct street networks.
  3. Correct and simplify network topology.
  4. Save street networks to disk as shapefiles, GraphML, or SVG.
  5. Analyze street networks: routing, projection, visualization, and calculating network stats including intersection densities, centralities, clustering, pagerank, etc.

If anyone has feedback or suggestions I’d be thrilled to hear it.

Write-up here: http://geoffboeing.com/2016/11/osmnx-python-street-networks/

And GitHub repo here: https://github.com/gboeing/osmnx