osmfilter like maps.wikimedia.org

What would be the right osmfilter syntax to make my osm maps have the same amount of information http://maps.wikimedia.org has?


What is wrong with
https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/40.9194/-72.6599 ?

You’d need to find out tool chain settings used by wikimedia, as a single example won’t show all the rules they use.

It has a lot of unwanted icons and building names. The one at maps.wikimedia.org seems like a strip down version.

Hasn’t anyone written a osmfilter filter similar to wikimedia’s? Tried a lot and got somewhat close by doing something like this

--drop-tags="name:* opening_hours* parking* payment* phone* piste* playground* recycling:* seamark:* service:* toilets:* was:* wiki* website* zoo wood* wifi abandoned* after_opening* alt_name* anime* brand* camera* contact:* description* disused:* drink:* education* fire_hydrant* fuel* generator:* health_speciality:* official_name:* old_name:* operator:* source:* tickets:*"
--drop-tags="amenity=name tourism=name leisure=name shop=name office=name craft=name club=name government=name"

In fact… it’s hard to remember which one got me the closest after trying so many variations.