OsMapTuner: Vector rendering broken (level 18+)

Vector rendering in OsMapTuner is broken on my Nexus 10 under Android 5.1.1. I tried to post a message to the authors via their website http://osmaptuner.salzburgresearch.at/contact/ but that did not work because it looks like cforms is no longer supported. This forum is the other suggested contact route.

So if anyone from Salzburg Research is monitoring, any ideas?

Has anyone else tried this editor? If so did it work for you?



Well, last version of OSMapTuner app ws from March 2015 … but its website looks a bit outdated:

raw OSM data is NOT licenced under CC-by-SA, but ODbL !

So I recommend a direct contact via http://www.salzburgresearch.at

Got their website to say it had posted my message. But still no response.