OSMAnd+ street number not showing - but visible with click

I’m starting to contribute and map my local suburb. Just a little to give to the cause and make it a more viable alternative to GoogleMaps et al.

The first main frustration I’ve found in the area I live, a moderate small city of 300k people. Few areas a logged with addresses, just street names. Areas with numbers are typically searchable by number so I’ll spend my time adding a few more houses to streets, and adding street address points with interpolated values for more complex commercial areas; thus enabling finding shop’s etc. with street addresses. In residential areas I’ll likely map building areas and allocated addresses to that as these are less subject to change.

Before mapping whole streets I wanted to test I was doing it correctly, hwoever, I’ve found that the building I’ve added as a test, with address and number tagged, doesn’t become searchable in OSMAnd. However, it does appear to be on the web at OSM. I confirm that in the android app the new house (and interpolated street numbers) are visible, just not searchable.

I’ve started looking around the suburb for other streets that do respond well to a search and it appears their data is input in the same manner, so I’m not sure what I’ve missed and why the data isn’t searchable in the app. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Added building and tagged address at 15 Glenalpin Court, Buderim, QLD, Australia (as a random test case)
  • Added end numbers and interpolated street numbers at Clearview Court, Buderim, QLD, Australia (as a test for interpolated addresses)
  • Cross checked searchability with an established mapped building (mapped by someone else) that seems to work e.g. 25 Cumberland Way, Buderim, QLD, Australia

I’ve attached 3 android screenshots:

  1. Screen capture showing the house at 15 Glenaplin Court is visible and appears to have a street number. Also visible are the interpolated numbers at Clearview Court.
  2. Example search for 15 Glenalpin showing the search isn’t returning the address as searchable, and
  3. Example search for established street at 25 Cumberland way (by others) that is searchable by address.

I’ve also further added three screen captures from the OSM web search on my computer:
4. Showing 15 Glenalpin successful search in webpage,
5. Showing 15 Glenalpin info, and
6. Showing 25 Cumberland Way info, which to me appears to be input in the same way?

What is the reason that my addresses at 15 Glenalpin and Clearview Crt are not searchable in the Android OSMAnd app? Little point if doing the data entry if I can’t make it useful for others to search with! :slight_smile:

Thanks, looking forward to your assistance so I can continue with mapping the local area. Won’t get into it until I’m confident I can get the searchable outcome to make the data most useful.


Not sure I did the images right; I’ve never really managed to inset images correctly… Hopefully it works or otherwise my description should be clear enough. Thanks!

I know very little about Osmand+, but I wonder if their search database updates less frequently than the displayed map. You appear to have followed standard practice for address tagging, I don’t think there is anything more you need to do with OpenStreetMap data (and as you have already seen, OpenStreetMap successfully finds the address).

If the issue is with Osmand you might get more information from Osmand support. In case it’s not clear, Osmand uses OpenStreetMap data but is an independent app, not part of OSM infrastructure. Otherwise just wait and see if it updates after a while.

Which map did you download on osmand and from what date?
Not every map give you search results in osmand.

I’m bumping into this problem too! Very frustrating as I’ve tried a few ways of adding an address (having to update my OSMand map each time). Did you find a solution?

OsmAnd mit aktiven Live Karten liefert zwar praktisch jede Stunde die neuen Karten die Suche Adressen wird allerdings erst im nächsten Monat mit dem Standard Kartenupdate aktualisiert.

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