OSMAnd offline routing problem (wrong way)


I use the latest OsmAnd 1.6.5 beta with the newest “germany - niedersachsen” offline maps from 22.01.2014.
But the routing is at some points wrong.
Here a example:
from “cuxhaven, Haydnstraße” to “cuxhaven, Geinrich-Grube-Weg” OsmAnd is not able to see the main road way.
The problem ist the crossroad, OsmAnd is not able to routing the way in the direction from south to north obwohl although this is one of the most important streets in cuxhaven.
I try this routing with differnt smartphones and with older OsmAnd and older offline maps too, but the problem is always the same.

  1. screenshout: OsmAnd shows an obviously wrong way.
  2. screenshout: at this crossroads OsmAnd is not able to routing the way in the direction from south to north

what is to do to fix this errors?

…perhaps this should be pushed into the German sub-forum?

Hello Patrick,

by zooming to that area on osm.org and choosing the chronic, you can see that there have been edits about turn restrictions … so try with OSRM … or wait for new Osmand maps.

I can see that but IMHO this turn restrictions have nothing to do with that problem.

But OSRM has same failure … http://osrm.at/6cS

Inspecting that area in JOSM I was not able to determine any point where the error might come from … :frowning: really strange

Today your OSRM Link works. Great!
What did happened that it works now? And what I have to do that it works on OsmAnd too? Update the map or update the app ?

But here is another strange thing, a wrong routing in the same way like the last one. The wrong routing is also at my OsmAnd App.
This routing is wrong:

And this routing is right:

The start point has only a small different but the routing in the first case is completely different and obviously wrong (I know the way from real life too, so I’m sure).

Likely that is because Catharinenstraße has a maxspeed of 10 km/h whereas the parallel Bernhardstraße has no speed limit (just the one which is assumed for residential streets, so likely the assumed average speed is higher).

So, the routing is not wrong (according to the data).

Thanks, that is possible.