OSMAND new gpx track file only visible after Android reboot

I’m trying to get my GPX tracks off my Moto Android 7.0. Using Android File Transfer app I can see most files in External Storage/Android/data/net.osmand/tracks/rec, except for that of my run this morning (which is visible in OSMAND). I tried remaking the USB connection, restarting OSMAND. The file failed to appear. Then I rebooted the phone and re-connected with AFT, and this time the GPX is there. Is this intended behaviour?

As an aside query, can someone confirm if the directory path above is stable? I have a gpx in the parent tracks folder, as well as some (older files) in net.osmand/files/tracks/rec.

I also experienced this. This is normal and isn’t fault of OsmAnd, but Android. Yes, you have to restart.