OSMand Map Orientation

There are 3 different map orientations, namely, North is UP, To Direction of Movement, and To Compass
I understand the difference between North is Up and To Direction of Movement, but what is To Compass?
It seems almost identical to To Direction of Movement with the map slightly rotate a few degress when comparing to To Direction of Movement.

I think is it supposed to orient the display based on the compass sensor built in to the phone. But if it is like my phone the compass is horrible (very dependent on the angle the phone is held at and not repeatable at all). I have Osmand set for “north is up” but that is how I learned to read paper maps and that is how I am comfortable with them.

Is it correct to assume the followings:

  1. In “Map orientation: To compass”, the compass needle is actually pointing to the magnetic north as oppose to the true north?
  2. The blue arrow indicating the current location points to the direction of movement in both “To compass” and "To direction of Movement
  3. “To Compass” orientation is useful when there isn’t any movement. The blue arrow would still point to heading direction as relative to the north as indicated by the compass sensor built into the phone rather than GPS?

Maybe there are more experienced Osmand user to confirm your points on the googlegroup Osmand mailinglist forum:


All 3: yes.