OsmAnd-like Software for Linux?

I want to replace my Android “smart”-phone with a “dumb”-phone and a Linux laptop/tablet; the only Android app that I will miss is OsmAnd.
Does any such software exist for Linux?
The features I require most are

  • offline maps

  • route finding (it’s called navigation in OsmAnd, but I do not require the voice commands and/or GPS)

  • searching

(Searching this forum I can see there's JOSM, but it seems very focused on editing, not traveling. I don't even know how to download a map for any given country.)

I am not familiar with it, but i found Offroad ? …

sadly there isn’t something so feature rich in linux, no alternative, but cruiser works

Both apps are in java.

This looks quite good, there’s a version 0.5-1 in my distro’s repositories and it does pretty much what I want: Download maps, and navigation.
Also has POIs.
It locks up when calculating routes; pretty much exactly like OsmAnd does (sometimes) :smiley:

Not so bad, but it seems focused on map development and I could not find a working source to download maps.

Thank you both so far!

Gnome Maps could be a good choice.
A component of Gnome desktop, updated versions, uses Nominatim and Graphhoper…
But for some features you need to be online.

The is a long list of apps on wiki.

Oh, why didn’t I think of that!

That’s a long list.

I will work through this and report back.
Thank you very much so far!

I use qmapshack. Curiously it is not on the wiki. For your goals:
Offline, yes, it can load various formats. I build my OSM garmin maps and it reads those.
Routing, Yes
Searching: not very good.

I only found https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/QMapShack

and linking from other wiki-pages to that page can be improved …

see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Special:WhatLinksHere/QMapShack

it isn’t focused on development I think, I found it focused on browsing and navigation, searching POI.

the wiki page has the download links to app, and map and POIs. It uses mapforge file as offline database, and a separate POI file for searching offline POIs. If you open the app, in download map option, you will find the download links.

it has these as you wanted most:

  • offline map (online available too)
  • offline POI
  • offline POI search
  • online/offline Navigation
  • and more…
    bad thing is you can’t select a place/POI and see information instead of from search result.

IMO, Cruiser big bad thing is that it is not free software.

Yes, I would prefer opensource.
I actually had Qmapshack already installed on my machine but never really got into it. Will do.
In any case, I have got plenty of really good answers, thank you all very very much!
…and I should have searched the wiki before asking… :wink:

I’m not promising anything but I’ll try to check back here when I’ve set everything up.
Currently I’m leaning towards a self-built raspbery pi tablet to fulfil my mobile computing needs, so that might take a while…
I do have the dumb phone already. Feels good.