OsmAnd - how to remove gpx tracks/files

I started to use OsmAnd recently for a walking vacation. I found and loaded a number of gpx-files as walking trips. They worked perfectly.

Now I am back from holiday and don’t need the tracks/trips that I loaded earlier. So I want to remove them. Also because otherwise the list of gpx tracks/files might grow too long over time.

However, I just can’t seem to find an option for removing the gpx tracks/files from the OsmAnd app on my device.
Anyone an idea how I can remove them from OsmAnd?

I am using OsmAnd on IOS (iPhone).

Appreciate your help…

I’m going to assume that iOS and Android have the same menus.

Sidebar → My Places → Tracks → trashcan symbol at the bottom → delete individually or in groups (mine show up usually as “Import”)

Hope this helps

It looks a bit different in IOS but functionality is essentially the same.
I was able to remove the old tracks.


Note :- Sometimes after deleting gpx tracks, waypoints, favourites etc. they are still displayed on the OsmAnd map, if this happens forcing the App. to stop and then re-starting usually clears these items

In my Dutch version of the OsmAnd app, removing a track goes as follows: Menu → Mijn plaatsen (my places) → Trips (at bottom line) → Select a track → Click at the three dots in the north east corner of the screen → Verwijder (delete).

Da ich ganz neu bin und noch nicht herausgefunden habe, wie ich eine separate Frage abschicken kann, hänge ich mich mal hier zum Thema Trackaufzeichnung an.
Nachdem ich mich durch die meisten Funktionen gekämpft habe und mit Osmand eigentlich so weit umgehen kann, tritt leider ein Problem immer wieder auf.
Und zwar passiert es während der Aufzeichnung, dass aus heiterem Himmel und ungewollt (offenbar aber nur nach neuer Aktivierung des Displays) ein gerader Strich in irgendeine Richtung eingezeichnet wird und wieder zurück zum aktuellen Standpunkt.
Das stört zwar nicht bei der Navigation /der Streckenverfolgung selbst, aber es werden entspreche Kilometer hinzuaddiert… mal ganz abgesehen von dem kaputten Track.
Gibt es da Erfahrungen bzw eine Lösung?

If this is still any use to anyone–I figured out how to do it, at least on my Android device. It could be a little more intuitive!

  • Click on the hamburger symbol (3 horizontal lines) at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Select “My places”, then “Tracks” on the menu at the top of the screen.
  • The tracks appear in 3 groups, “Visible”, “Tracks” and “Rec”. Select the group you want to work with, and you’ll see the tracks listed.
  • A menu of actions appears at the bottom of the screen. Select the trash can.
  • The list now changes to showing a check box beside each track name, and the trash can icon has moved to the top right. Check one or more track names.
  • Click on the trash can icon, and you’ll get a confirmation popup box. Click “Delete” and the job is done.

If the deleted track was visible on the screen, it will still be there when you go back to the map. To make it go away, you have to exit the app and restart it.