OSMAnd basic usage help.

Hi, all.

I’ve downloaded the potentially excellent OSMAnd application and seem to be baffled by the idea of navigating to a destination.

Can anyone help with the following example scenario?

I need to navigate (by car), from my current location to (for example) the Holiday Inn hotel, Harrogate, GB.

When I try to do it, nothing seems to happen. Maybe the application is more for mapping and isn’t ready for ‘satnav’, yet. I suspect I’m probably at fault, though.

If I can work this out, I can bin Google Maps (Brut actually) and potentially my G1 will be completely open-source.

Any help appreciated.



Tell us first what exact versionof Osmand you are using?

What offline vector map are you using (region and date)?

Have you enabled “use offline maps” in Osmand’s settings?

Does the offline address search work for you?

Can you find other POIs like hotels and Restaurants by Osmand’s POI search function?

Have you read the how-to?

Osmand is not very intuitive but hopefully the howto is any help.

Cheers PeeWee

Hi, guys.

Thanks for your replies. I’m using the latest nightly apk and haven’t downloaded any maps. I have read the how-to. When I search for places, they are found and displayed on the map tile correctly. My main problem seems to be selecting the point so I can get directions to it.

Additionally, on the odd occasion that I can select the point, the route is calculated, but I don’t see an overview, like in Google Maps. If I’m going to the other end of the UK, it would be good to easily see which route had been selected. This doesn’t appear to be an option.

I’m yet to use the application whilst driving, but it does look like it has potential.



I only use off-line vector maps so I can only tell how I do this. Once you have found your destination on the map (or just longpress anywhere you want on the map) tab on it and select “Navigate to point”. Then press menu button : Directions> Only show.