OSMAND and webmap

Hello dears,

Im a participant in a banger rally, we ride thru forests with road books every car has a gps tracker. The race staff have an OSM map set up with position of every car showing on map. It is only working thru web browser.

I need the positions of the cars (tracker positions info from webmap in OSMand map.) Can you please help me how to make this work?

The web map is here

OsmAnd does have a live tracking plugin that works via telegram.

That help page does say that:

The OsmAnd app has its own Telegram bot called “OsmAnd Assistant,” which helps you integrate OsmAnd Telegram with third-party trackers or APIs. You’ll be able to share not only your location but also the location of your bike or a group of people racing available through the API. OsmAnd Telegram will give you a nice presentation of your locations on the map in OsmAnd itself.

This seems more interested in publishing your location than bringing something in from a third party site, but it does suggest that it might be possible. You might be better off asking on the OsmAnd telegram group to see if it’s possible.