Osmad: coordinates of saved POI


Is there any way to display the coordinates of a saved location? Currently the way I do it is by showing the location on a map, then zoom to the max, select a new point nearby until the coordinates showed up. Which is cumbersome to say the least.

I need the coordinates in order to enter them later on in JOSM (shift-D) during my editing sessions.

Hopefully they’ll add the feature in future Osmand patch.


please try to browse to the osmand folder on your device, maybe on SD card or similar memory.

If you have saved some positions via favourites, then there should be a file called favourites.gpx … try to openthat file with a text editor.

Or even better: try to load that file directly into JOSM.


Yup, success. Thank you very much. (although the jump to next marker ctrl-alt-J doesn’t seem to work in 8159).:slight_smile: