Marek asked me to write some words here in english for Kendzi about my experience with 3D.

I have written a short tutorial for verry easy buildings you can see it here: (in german only but I think the pictures tell much about the content)

I had prepared a hole part of the city and renderd with osm2world, to show other persons what they can expect from osm3d today:

But if I try some more detailed places I found my own barriers:

The first problem for beginners is, that the different languages from rooftable are different. Only the site in polish has the correct types for roofs. The english and german one has “_” instead of “.” for different subtypes.
The pictures are not the same so you can not be shure witch parameter is in use for witch thing in reality. In all pictures I miss the startpoint withc ist verry important for Types like 2.2

There could be another problem about tagging. I have written E-Mails with User:Tordanik about implementation 3dr in osm2world. Because it seems to me it look better then the lines only in Kendzi3D. But he don’t want only nubers as tags. Because it is not really human readable. Maybe you and he can find a solution for this.

The next problems for me was that it seems to me that some parameters are ignored so the roofs don´t look like I expecet. A nother problem in the exampel was the smal building beetween the building at the edge and tho long one. Although I use type 2.0 the roof is not conected to the wall at the right site.

An other problem is the startpoint. Some buildings I had to draw three times. Maybe we can use a tag for startpoint. I proposed 3dr=start or 3dr:start=yes. Marek has told me about 3dr:direction=begin. Maybe we need different starting points later we can use 3dr:roof=start or 3dr=roofstart like Marek proposed in german forum as answer abput my questions.

The biggest problem I think is the data witch is produced. Because if you look of our exampel you find buildings in buildings witch not look very well in mapnik rendering. So maybe we should sepperate ground view from 3dr tagging.

User Suncobalt has told that he think building:roof:shape=3dr isn’t nessary if you use 3dr:type=
I think he is right and it is better if you can render the roof with only 3dr:type without the need of building=yes. Tordanik propesed building:part=yes for parts of buildings in the ground view witch are higher than others.

I hope my english is not to bad.

First of all, thanks a lot. It is a really nice plugin. We are very interested in it. As viw has already mentioned, the possibility to define a start point manually is very important. Currently we need to re-draw the buildings in order to define the alignment direction since the “first point” is nothing we can change with JOSM. Re-drawing is not very popular and by doing that, we are loosing the history of the objects.

After playing a while, I would be grateful if you find the time for further questions

  • how can I “detach” the dormers from the outer building way so that the dormers are in the middle of the roof
  • it seems that 3dr:dormer:height1 and 3dr:dormer:width1 will be used for all dormers even if 3dr:dormer:height2,3… and 3dr:dormer:width2,3… exist
  • is there a list of further supported values for building:facade:material and building:roof:material? I only found brick and roofTiles.
  • is it possible to reduce CPU load? It always use one core 100%

SunCobalt: Yes, I working on it, in current version you can use tags 3dr:direction=begin|end on building nodes.

Viw: I saw your tutorial it look nice. It is great that somebody use my application.

As a see only English version has “_” instead of “.” for different subtypes. It was simple misunderstanding and I fixed it.

The start point is marked as letter „S" and arrow on pictures. I know it is not on all of them. I’ll add it but it take some time.

I don’t known names for all of roof types but it isn’t any problem to use names. So I added table for translation from numbers to names. Please fill it and I add support for this. But I don’t think that all types has its common names.


What you mean by saying: „it seems to me it look better then the lines only in Kendzi3D" ? If you saying about the green lines, you can turn them off in menu „3d>Debug view"

The reason why I use building:roof:shape=3dr and 3dr:type is that they both means almost the same. So what if somebody add something like this: building:roof:shape=pitched and 3dr:type=4.0 ? Which tagging schema chose?

I well add support for building:part=yes.

I have a little time for application development so I well be grateful for any kind of help. If you see any bugs please report them to me. If you see any mistakes in wiki please fix them or send mi info about them.
You can report bugs here:

I think that we should move discussion in English here:

for now I have textures for:


I can add any textures but somebody have to make them or find some free textures on net.
What textures you need?

Tags 3dr:dormer:heightX work for all dormers on building.

I think for now the easiest way is to put dormers in right place is to use rows and empty dormers (dormer type ‘-’) (please download current version of plugin: 53)


Please see examples here:

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