Osm2World lat and long of origin of coordinates of exported .obj


I downloaded Osm2World and exported a .osm file as a 3d .obj file. I will like to know if I can get the exact latitude and longitude of the origin of coordinates of the 3d object.

I saw that in the OSM2World.jar viewer there is a option in the “View” tab called “LatLonDebugView” but when I select it the viewer freezes and I need to close it. :frowning:

Any idea in how could I get that position?

Kind regards.

An .obj file written by OSM2World will always contain the latitude and longitude of the origin as a plaintext comment. The comment looks somewhat like this:

# This file was created by OSM2World 0.2.0 - http://osm2world.org

# Projection information:
# Coordinate origin (0,0,0): lat 48.573213949999996, lon 13.464217200000022, ele 0
# North direction: (0.0, 0.0, -1.0)
# 1 coordinate unit corresponds to roughly 1 m in reality

I believe there’s no standard way to add such information to an .obj file, unfortunately, which is why I used a comment. But maybe that is something you can work with?

Thanks a lot! That was exactly what I was looking for :smiley: