osm2world : error when rendering with POVRay

I tried to use POVRay for rendering, to see for example how the shadows were rendered.

I generated a .pov file with osm2world and opened it with POVRay. But the file cannot be processed and this error is displayed:

Possible Parse Error: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x89 0x50

Do you know how to fix it?
Thank you


I discovered the origin of this message, there is a mistake while OSM2World generate the file. Textures are referenced with

#declare texture_PEBBLESTONE = texture {
pigment { image_map {
jpeg “XXX\o2w-2292305192618892857.png”

The image is of type png, but OSM2World indicates a **jpeg ** reference. Il I change manually theses data in the file, the scene can be rendered with POVRay.

A small correction to bring to OSM2World :slight_smile: !

Thank you for debugging the problem! With this thorough information, I’ve been able to spot the issue and it’s a 3 line fix in the source code. I’ll include it in the next release.

(Just a fair warning: OSM2World’s POVRay export is kind of neglected, so I can’t guarantee continued maintenance and it doesn’t seem as if anyone else is interested in working on that part of the codebase at the moment. :frowning: But for something this small, I’m happy to include the fix.)