wollte mal meine datenbank wieder auf den neusten stand bringen,
jetzt ist sie putt

Reading in file: /home/lutz/Documents/sachsen.osm.bz2
Processing: Node(2729k) Way(378k) Relation(5k)
Node stats: total(2729411), max(958634187)
Way stats: total(378669), max(82311226)
Relation stats: total(5393), max(1236309)

Going over pending ways
processing way (137k)

Going over pending relations

node cache: stored: 2719767(99.65%), storage efficiency: 2.59%, hit rate: 99.68%
COPY_END for planet_osm_point failed: FEHLER: ungültige Eingabesyntax für Typ real: »urban«
CONTEXT: COPY planet_osm_point, Zeile 2820, Spalte importance: »urban«

Error occurred, cleaning up

kann jemand helfen?

grüße von lutz

Was steht denn in Deiner import_style Datei bei “importance”?

mein default.style

This is the style file that matches the old version of osm2pgsql, which

did not make distinctions between tags for nodes and for ways. There are a

number of optimisations that can be applied here. Firstly, certain tags

only apply to only nodes or only ways. By fixing this we reduce the amount

of useless data loaded into the DB, which is a good thing. Possible

optimisations for the future:

1. Generate this file directly from the mapnik XML config, so it’s always


2. Extend it so it can understand that highway=tertiary is for ways and

highway=bus_stop is for nodes

Flags field isn’t used much yet, expect if it contains the text “polygon”

it indicates the shape is candidate for the polygon table. In the future I

would like to be able to add directives like “nocache” which tells

osm2pgsql that it is unlikely this node will be used by a way and so it

doesn’t need to be stored (eg coastline nodes). While in essence an

optimisation hack, for --slim mode it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong, but

in non-slim you might break something!

Also possibly an ignore flag, for things like “note” and “source” which

can simply be deleted. (In slim mode this is, does not apply to non-slim


OsmType Tag DataType Flags

node,way note text delete # These tags can be long but are useless for rendering
node,way source text delete # This indicates that we shouldn’t store them

node,way access text linear
node,way addr:flats text polygon
node,way addr:housename text
node,way addr:city text
node,way addr:street text
node,way addr:housenumber text linear
node,way addr:interpolation text linear
node,way admin_level text linear
node,way aerialway text linear
node,way aeroway text polygon
node,way amenity text nocache,polygon
node,way area text # hard coded support for area=1/yes => polygon is in osm2pgsql
node,way barrier text linear
node,way bicycle text nocache
node,way bridge text linear
node,way boundary text linear
node,way building text polygon
node capital text linear
node,way construction text linear
node,way cutting text linear
node,way disused text linear
node ele text linear
node,way embankment text linear
node,way foot text linear
node,way highway text linear
node,way historic text polygon
node,way horse text linear
node,way junction text linear
node,way landuse text polygon
node,way layer text linear
node,way learning text linear
node,way leisure text polygon
node,way lock text linear
node,way man_made text polygon
node,way military text polygon
node,way motorcar text linear
node,way name text linear
node,way natural text polygon # natural=coastline tags are discarded by a hard coded rule in osm2pgsql
node,way oneway text linear
node poi text
node,way power text polygon
node,way power_source text linear
node,way place text linear
node,way railway text linear
node,way ref text linear
node,way religion text nocache
node,way residence text linear
node,way route text linear
node,way service text linear
node,way sport text polygon
node,way tourism text polygon
way tracktype text linear
node,way tunnel text linear
node,way waterway text polygon
node,way width text linear
node,way wood text linear
node,way z_order int4 linear # This is calculated during import
way way_area real # This is calculated during import

If you’re interested in bicycle routes, you may want the following fields

To make these work you need slim mode or the necessary data won’t be remembered.

way lcn_ref text linear
way rcn_ref text linear
way ncn_ref text linear
way lcn text linear
way rcn text linear
way ncn text linear
way lwn_ref text linear
way rwn_ref text linear
way nwn_ref text linear
way lwn text linear
way rwn text linear
way nwn text linear
way route_pref_color text linear
way route_name text linear
way symbol text linear
way osmc:symbol text linear
way marked_trail text linear

way network text linear
way surface text linear
node,way importance real
node,way fee text linear
way lanes int4 linear
node,way information text linear
node,way shop text linear
node,way path text linear
node,way tower text linear
node,way lit text linear

danke nop, war der entscheidende tip.
habe die zeile mit importance einfach gelöscht, die sachsen.osm hat geklappt, germany läuft durch.
morgen früh weiß ich mehr :slight_smile:

grüße von lutz

Du hast das Problem, daß es anscheinend mehrere Definitionen von “importance” gibt - die eine mit Zahlen, die andere mit Texten. OSM halt…

ja danke,

habe erst mal gesucht, was importance
eigentlich bedeutet, brauche ich zum glück in meiner db nicht…

grüße von lutz


der germany-import hat nicht geklappt.
konsole war nicht mehr offen, also keine fehlermeldung :frowning:
kann es sein, das mein rechner amd turion64 4gb ram auf linux 32bit
zu schwach für ein 1gb großes osm-file ist?

grüße von lutz

Du solltest mit --slim importieren und angepasstem Cache importieren.


–slim mode hatte ich, es war schlichtweg zu wenig festplattenspeicher vorhanden,
unter 10gb ging gar nichts.

grüße von lutz