osm2pgsql - Run out of space on france

Hi everyone,
First time I’m using osm2pgsql, each time i run this cmd:
**osm2pgsql -s --style /home/ubuntu/osm2pgsql/mystyle.style -d area_france -U postgres --prefix planet_2018_2 /home/ubuntu/osm-files/france/france-latest.osm.pbf
i receive this error
Processing: Node(380519k 351.4k/s) Way(56261k 24.16k/s) Relation(0 0.00/s)COPY_END for COPY planet_2018_2_ways FROM STDIN;
failed: ERROR: could not extend file “base/3303743/3419123.8”: wrote only 4096 of 8192 bytes at block 1175001
HINT: Check free disk space.
CONTEXT: COPY planet_2018_2_ways, line 33104006

I tried running a few times with the --cache flag with different sizes from 1 GB to 15 GB and each time get the same error.
I read in some places that there is more than 700 gigabytes in memory in order to run it, but from what I understood it was a pbf file for all of Europe and not a specific country.
By the way I ran the same cmd for Belgium and it worked properly.
I run this on a regular server of the aws - t3.xlarge instance.


solved it! increase the storage from 60GB to 80GB.