osm2pgsql and relations


i have a question regarding osm2pgsql and relations.
I imported an extract of europe.osm into my db. Before doing so i edited “default.style” and activated cycle relations. The import was done using osm2pgsql in slim mode. After importing i can access cycle and hinking relations easily with “select * from planet_osm_line where lcn=‘yes’;”.
Now i created a relation containing some xcountry skiing tracks (for example this one http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/399897)). The default.style file has been modified, i attached a new line “way rsn text linear”. After reimporting the planet dump a column “rsn” exists in planet_osm_line, but it contains no data, otherwise cycle relations are being imprted correctly and the columns lcn, rcn … contain “yes” for them.
Now my question is, what am i doing wrong to import this new kind of route and how can i import any other kind of relation?

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Found it… :slight_smile:

I had to patch “output-pgsql.c” from osm2pgsql. Now it works.