OSM2GARMIN not working

hello guys, I’ve been trying to use osm2garmin since last night to download some maps of south america to my Garmin Montana. I know that planetary files are huge so I selected only SA in the regions panel, I cliked Start and everything started to work, except the planet download… I’ve been waiting for more than 24h and there is no change in the download %, also there is a message that says “no active downloads”. Can someone help me with this?

Thank you!!

I don’t know that site, looks very suspicious. Better download your maps from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl

Did not try it but I guess it might try to download planet.osm.pbf via http instead of https. Maybe you can download the file with e.g. wget?

Hi!! Thank you for your response, this is not a website, is an app that has been recomended in many OSM wiki articules and even in the main webpage of OSM

Thank you for your recomendation but I’ve been using http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl and they don’t have contour lines, or at least I don’t know how to see them…


Thank you for your response, osm2garmin is not a site, is an app that was recomended by OMS in both their wiki and main site to convert OSM maps to Garmin format and also adds contour lines.

I’ve alredy tried the site that you recommended but it doesn’t have contour lines, wich is very important for me since I use this maps to do hiking and off road driving

Did you already check the comments one the download page of the site? They are discussing similar problems.

bye, Nop

Nowhere on the main OSM site is this software recommended, and it only has a few minor mentions in the wiki. It appears that it’s no longer being actively developed/maintained (the wiki page hasn’t been updated since 2012), and their website is currently serving up malware. I would strongly recommend avoiding this software and looking at the other options.

Maybe you can use https://extract.bbbike.org , has also contour maps