Osm-yolo-crossings: AI import tool for zebra crossings

I post it here in the forum since many people doesn’t read diaries entries. @NorthCrab shared in a diary entry his latest project. It’s a tool that autonomously detects and maps pedestrian crossings (zebras) in OpenStreetMap. You can find it here: GitHub


If I see it correctly this is based on orthographic imagery, which means it cannot detect a crossing type, just a crossing marking (which could be a traffic lights controlled crossing as well), right?

Here are the tags it outputs:

For some context: I intend to support uncontrolled/traffic signals tagging at some point, but during development it turned out that it would be a much better idea to move it to a completely separate, and a new project, this way uncontrolled/traffic signals will be its own separate problem and I will have a lot of flexibility while working on it. I did have some initial success, so my hopes are up :slight_smile:. When a new project is done, it would be able to “upgrade” ANY highway=crossing, not just the ones created by the YOLO project. At the moment, YOLO is only tagging highway crossing without crossing specification. This should be more than enough for now.

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