As far as I understand it is possible to store OSM Maps in “OSM-XML” format.
Google Earth and especially Marble might be able to show locally saved data if it is in KML or GPS format.

My questions:

  • Which other programs can handle OSM-XML Data?
  • Is it possible to translate OSM-XML into KML or GPX (GPSBabel does not work)?

Thanks a lot!

JOSM editor has an option “Export to GPX”.

Right, JOSM editor can export trackpoints.

My question was wrong.

  • Is it possible to save OSM maps into a vector based data format, including all the elements visible on the streetmaps?
  • If this is the OSM-XML format, is it possible to convert it into KML and open OSM maps offline with Google Earth, Marble or a different program?

At this time there is no finished product that will show vectors on marble/Google earth. But I’m guessing people are working on Marble support beyond just show the images.

There are converters that can convert to KML, but I don’t know how good these work atm.

I once converted OSM to shapefile format and from shapefile to kml there are many converters available